Online Reputation Management

If you go few years back Online Reputation was not in trend and it was known as mouth of advertisement. But since people are so much active on social networking and they are fond of sharing their thoughts, idea, review and comment so company are spending their marketing budget in Online Reputation Management Strategy .

It takes time and effort to build positive awareness about your brand. Social Media platform are opportunity for every one so, as well as for your customers too. Over it anything spread very fast like a bullet train. Customer can give you rating 5 to 0 star depending on various factors like product quality, delivery timing, services etc.

Remember the words of mouth is very trusted by customers so it is really important for ORM services in India.

What Is Online Reputation Management?

There are huge misconception about Online Reputation Management strategy. Some people think it is only public relation platform and they don’t have any idea how its impact on your business. If you open laptop and do some research very easily you can know about a company that how bad or good it is.

Online Reputation Management means controlling your online image to protect the growth and success of your business. It is how you dealing with negative comments, review and feedback, so that anyone searching for your brand find five – star review and positive feedback that help your company to generate more sale.


Before buying any products consumer check online review about brand and services.


of them trust online review as well personnel recommendation.


consumer need at least a four star rating before they buy the products.

100 %

Your brand`s online reputation can improve your website ranking too.

What Is Sentiments of your Customers ?

What are people writing and talking about you, your brand, your products and services. It is not necessary to react every time on them but if you ignore sometimes to react on them it may cost you millions. So to monitoring your public reputation on regular basis there are magic tools invented to solve the problems, it is SOCIAL MEDIA MONITORING.

There Are Two Types of Negative Content

1 – It is complaints on social sites, it need to be address properly and very soon.

2 – Another one is negative review on several platform and review sites which affect your business brand v

Tools For Online Reputation Management


It makes your Online reputation management strategy easy. This app will track your all major social network and real time of comments. It will let you respond to them right from the app. The app will show the sentiments analysis graph. Sentiment Graph shows you the share of positive and negative review and comments of your business. But the real power and quality of Awario competitors analysis capabilities. You have to create monitoring alert of your competitors then you will be able to listen what their customers talking and they are happy or unhappy with it. Learn from your rival mistake.


It is also help to track common review and comment on your business like google & facebook. You can also respond to these review from app. The best part of Reputology is you can integrate it with Hootsuite. The integration lets you monitor and manage your review from same dashboard.


This tool give you opportunity to win more review from happy customers by automating multi – channel review.

Social Mention

Social Mention monitors more than 80 social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The results also display the following information to help you measure, monitor, and improve your brand’s reputation:
Strength: The likelihood that your brand is discussed on social media.
Sentiments: The ratio of positive mentions to negative mentions.
Passion: The likelihood that people talking about your brand will do so repeatedly.
Reach: The number of unique authors who write about or mention your brand.

Google Alerts

Google Alert is an automatic notification that will arrive in your inbox whenever your company name is mentioned online. You can use this to keep abreast of new reviews. It is very common tools which is using by company for ORM services in India. These all are the best tools for Online Reputation Management.

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